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Palliative care and what it means...

Palliative care attempts to adequately address some of the unmet needs of people living with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

In Hospis Malaysia, the majority of our patients have advanced cancer. However there are also those who coping with life-limiting diseases such as HIV/AIDS, organ failure and progressive neurodegenerative disorders. All of them have special needs which require a palliative approach.

Hospis Malaysia is actively recruiting volunteers to help in a variety of ways. Our volunteers play an important part in our palliative care team and receive training and ongoing support from Hospis Malaysia.

What do palliative care volunteers do?

Palliative care volunteers:

  • Support our once a week Day Care activities for those coping with life-limiting illnesses
  • Provide transport for Day Care activities and other outings
  • Undertake standard clerical and administrative functions
  • Assist with Public Relations activities - fundraising events and raising awareness
  • Provide other administrative support as and when required

Who is a palliative care volunteer?

A palliative care volunteer is someone who:

  • Is above the age of 18 years
  • Has the integrity and believes in commitment and confidentiality
  • Has outstanding people-skills - polite, gentle and kind
  • Is flexible and able to adapt to situations - willing to provide assistance wherever assistance is required

Palliative care volunteers:

  • Must successfully complete a screening questionnaire and interview with Hospis Malaysia
  • Need to complete a basic training course to initiate volunteers into Hospis Malaysia

    We are always looking for inspired volunteers to help spread good palliative care and hospice information. We have multiple opportunities for anyone to volunteer! Behind the scenes, out in front, your choice. Writers, photographers, designers and many more.

          Download the Volunteer Form here and fax to us at +603-91333 941 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .