Hospis Malaysia’s day care provides a change of environment for patients who are home-bound – a situation which often leads to boredom and loneliness. On a less obvious note, it also offers families and caregivers some respite knowing that patients are monitored by volunteers and members of our clinical team. Our day care provides a harmonious setting that is ideal for our patients who wish to escape the rigours of day-to-day familiarity. At the day care, patients get a chance to interact with other patients and volunteers, and occupy their time and minds with planned recreational and therapeutic activities.

Currently available on Tuesdays, Hospis Malaysia’s day care is accessible only to patients registered under Hospis Malaysia and who are recommended by our palliative care nurses.

The day care offers the following for the patients:-

  • Review of symptoms
  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • Recreational activities

The day care sessions are managed by an occupational therapist and a core team of trained volunteers.