Domiciliary care service, also known as home care service, is Hospis Malaysia’s core patient service. It is supported by our clinical team, an integrated group which include palliative care doctors, nurses, a pharmacist and an occupational therapist who work closely together throughout the course of care to find effective solutions to address needs of patients.

At Hospis Malaysia, each patient is an individual first and every illness is highly personal. Two people with the same disease may require quite different management. As such, members of our clinical team are carefully guided through daily sharing and discussion sessions during which the entire team openly studies each case at hand to find the best means of care for patients and their families.

Hospis Malaysia believes that patients as well as their families have the right to set the tone for care. Nurses who carry out assessment of new patients are required to have an open discussion with patients and their families right from the beginning to understand how best domiciliary care can work to help improve the quality of life of patients.

Our team of nurses and doctors make approximately 1,000 home visits a month. Visits are made not only to homes but also to hospitals and nursing homes. In 2015, a total of 2,058 patients were referred to us, with the vast majority of patients referred being those diagnosed with cancer.

Patients who are referred to Hospis Malaysia are usually assessed within 2 working days after acceptance of the referral. Assessment is made in the context of physical symptoms, emotional and psychological issues, social issues and the patients’ understanding of the impact of the illness on his/her life.

Once assessment is done, the Hospis Malaysia team will :-

  • prioritise the problems with the patient and family
  • propose a plan of management
  • administer medication (if necessary)
  • recommend medical equipment (if necessary)
  • request for skills of other members of our interdisciplinary team such as the occupational therapist (if necessary)

Frequency of visits by nurses will depend on individual cases, and can vary from once a fortnight to daily depending on the condition of the patients.

Hospis Malaysia also has a 24-hour on-call service that attends to emergencies and queries (of patients) at any time.


Loan of Medical Equipment

Equipment such as oxygen concentrators, syringe drivers, suction machines, nebulisers, ripple mattresses, hospital beds, wheelchairs, commodes, sheepskin rugs, air cushions and such are available for patients to loan at no charge. Patients who require use of any medical equipment available at Hospis Malaysia must first refer to the nurses who attend to them. Hospis Malaysia will only release equipment based on nurses' approval.

A refundable deposit may be required for certain equipment to try and ensure that families take reasonable care to maintain the equipment as is and that they are returned when no longer required. This precaution is unavoidable, as each year Hospis Malaysia suffers significant losses due to the loss of these equipment.