YUSUF, a short advocacy film on community palliative care

Watch YUSUF here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r2766WjFmU
Produced by Seeing Eye Films, Directed by Susan Lancaster;
Featuring: Angeline Tan, Md Sazali Samuri, Badrika Bahadur, Clarence Kuna, Charlie Numan Mohd Salleh and our nurses Rachel Anthony & Yvonne 

Film Synopsis: Yusuf is diagnosed with an incurable life-limiting illness and chooses to spend his remaining days at home, surrounded by his loved ones instead of at the hospital. With the support of community palliative care, Yusuf’s life at home is maintained and his quality of life is maximised. As the film unravels, the benefits of community palliative care are seen to leave a positive effect on Yusuf’s immediate family members.

The film asks an important question about one’s care preferences when faced with a serious illness.People now live longer with serious illnesses. Would these patients want to spend their remaining time at home or in a hospital? Presented by Hospis Malaysia, ‘Yusuf’ aims to highlight the importance of community palliative care. Do we want to be part of this change - to give our loved ones the opportunity to spend their last days with the people they love? 

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Why did Hospis Malaysia film YUSUF? Ms Tham Su Ming, General Manager of Hospis Malaysia shares. 
Watch the short clip here: https://youtu.be/X-PgIC3qKTY